Cassadaga Nellie's Garden
The world is my garden. Everywhere I go I see
beauty. As I look at the beautiful flowers and trees.
I also see how beautiful is God's creation, our
world. All you must do is look: The sky and clouds,
trees, our lakes, streams and oceans with all the
creatures who inhabit this miracle we call Earth
ARE beautiful--each in its own way.

Colorado's wild Roses
Beautiful Mountains

The Aspen Trees
Do you know about them? Scientists say that they are one of the wonders of our world. To
American Indians they are sacred. The female Elk seek them out when they are ready to give birth.
                                         Peace is all around you.
Florida's beautiful blue water and blue sky. The water so clear and calm that the reflection of the
sky is a mirror. So calm and serene as  the graceful, crane silently wades in the cool water, It is a
place to heal the Spirit and the Body.